FriendCameo is a fun and safe Facebook voice and video chat application. It lets you talk face-to-face with friends, family and colleagues. Invite friends to join FriendCameo and you can chat with them for as long as you like, wherever they are, for free. FriendCameo video calls are the next best thing to being there in person. Well, almost.
FriendCameo lets you communicate on Facebook through video chat. It lets you record and send personalized video mail for your friends to view later. And if you're in a fun and creative mood, you can take pictures of yourselves. Pretty cool, huh?
Nearly 3,250,000 people in over 200 countries have installed the application. And thousands of awesome people in over 200 countries use FriendCameo each day. They seem to like it.
We here at FriendCameo are giving it 110% to make your Facebook video chat experience more meaningful, memorable and social. We are:

Steve Franco
Co-founder and CEO

Steve overseas product development, business development, marketing, and finance. Before co-founding FriendCameo, he most recently employed partnerships with Apple/iTunes, MySpace, ClearChannel, MTV Tr3s, and hundreds of individual media outlets to facilitate a D.C. based organization's election campaign efforts. Steve combines his business and social media background to lead FriendCameo in the video communications market. He graduated cum laude from UC Berkeley and UC Hastings.

Anthony Franco
Co-founder and CTO

Anthony is responsible for FriendCameo's technology strategy, planning, development, and infrastructure. Prior to co-founding FriendCameo, Anthony was a Software Engineer at Ooga Labs where he built a profitable and viral social application with over 1.5 million users. Before that he worked at Microsoft helping develop Office Live. He has been developing social applications since the inception of the Facebook Developer Platform. He studied electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley.

Anderson Franco
Director of Strategy

Anderson advises FriendCameo on business development and legal matters. He has interned as a legal researcher for a large multinational law firm, a community legal services agency, and a nonprofit advocacy clinic. He recieved his bachelor of arts degree from UC Berkeley, and is currently pusuing his juris doctorate from UC Berkeley.
Address: FriendCameo, Inc.
PO Box 177 Daly City, CA 94016